Taking Care of Your Marching Band Uniform

We are very proud of our uniforms and we want to keep them in the best condition possible for many years to come. Let’s work together to keep the Marching Bobcats looking their best! 

Garment Bag

What goes in the garment bag? Uniform – jacket and pants, gloves (if worn), and gauntlets ONLY. No candy, hand warmers, trash, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, etc. Garment bags are kept in numerical order in the band closet backstage.


  • Put on pants first like snowpants. Put on the jacket second backwards. Help each other zip.
  • Both pants and jackets have snaps in the hems. Be very careful getting dressed so you don’t pop your hems. IF your hems come out, the location of where your snaps need to be for a proper fit are shown on your name card in your garment bag. You are judged on how your pants fit! Put shoes on LAST. Please find a chair, not the floor.
  • Please be careful of the white on your jacket!
  • Hang your pants first neatly, grey side up, and evenly across the hanger. Then, hang your jacket.


  • Gloves should fit snug but not too tight and should be washed periodically throughout the season. Gloves may be purchased from the Uniform Coordinators.


  • Hats are stored by number in our hat transport boxes. Because the hats are white, they need to stay clean so they will be wiped down and dried every time you put them away.

Under Your Uniform

  • Band Show T-shirt and athletic shorts or pants MUST be worn. No bulky jeans or cargo shorts. LONG BLACK SOCKS!  


  • Black, patent leather shoes are worn with our uniforms. One order is placed at the beginning of band camp by our Uniform Coordinators. Shoes cannot be stored in the garment bag.

Forget Something?

  • Gloves, socks, shoes? – Rent shoes and purchase gloves and socks. You will receive a receipt to return with your payment to the black box. You and your family will also receive an email reminder. Payments may be placed in the black box in the band room.

Spots and Stains

  • If you get something on your uniform or you have any issue at all, please tell the Uniform Coordinators right away. If they are not available, please tell a chaperone. Most spots will come out of the uniforms, but we have been warned by the manufacturer that the #1 stain that will not come out is HAIR DYE. You can be you from November - July but August – beginning November is Marching Band season and there is no YOU in BAND.


  • Should any part of your uniform get damaged and require replacement, you will need to cover the cost. Accidents happen, but by handling your uniform with pride, we are confident this scenario won’t happen.